morgan bar

The Morgan Bar is deliberately designed to be nice, bright and airy during the day and in the evening it tones down to be seductively dim with a “chill out atmosphere”. Day and night offer completely different experiences in the bar, by day it’s bright and airy and condusive to business lunches or a catch-up with friends. At night ,lights dim, candles flicker, music tempo increases and the cocktails start flowing, whether you`re getting ready for a night on the town or just unwinding and ready to retire ,sit back, sip ,chat and saviour the company in this very cool atmosphere!

Three long communal type tables are great fun and allow for our guests to be social. People who do not know each other can sit down and have a cocktail, unwind and fit in. The booths have net curtains around them for night time cocktails, creating their own private mood setting surrounded by chandeliers. Mood and vibe candle lighting in the evenings is a feature of The Morgan Bar. Eat at Phillip Stark designed dining tables and silver leaved chairs.

Cocktails are our specialty – The Mojito is our signature cocktail which is a must for every visitor to the bar. On Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, our DJ’s and live musicians play to the mood of the people. Check out what's on here.


People watching in the award winning Morgan bar located in Temple Bar could be declared a national sport. 

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