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We have spent a lot of time rethinking the concept of team building, really looking at what makes a great team. We understand that teams come to The Morgan hotel with different agendas and areas for improvement, but that the ultimate goal of each group is to reflect, plan, communicate, be creative and most of all develop as a team.

Based on our own research as well as invaluable feedback from The Morgan guests we have created a series of individually tailored programmes, each designed to inspire creativity, aid communication, motivate, energize or relax your people.

We can provide your team with individually designed meeting spaces, a selection of homemade freshly baked tasty treats, energizing juices, and we know how everyone likes their coffee their own particular way, so we can make all of your coffee to order using the finest coffee beans in The Morgan Bar.

We take the stress out of organizing the event, so that you and your team can fully immerse yourself in each activity and simply have fun!

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