Going Green Matters

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Going Green Matters

No doubt that global warming and climate change has been dominating our news feeds in the last while, and it has become quite clear that we all have a part to play when it comes to saving our planet.

Recent studies revealed that lowering meat and dairy consumption would be the most effective way of reducing our environmental impact on the planet. This suggests not only that we completely change our eating habits, including more grains and vegetal proteins in our diets, but also by considering local produce – the less your food must travel to get to your, plate the better!

With this in mind, 10 Fleet Street Restaurant & Bar at The Morgan Hotel has introduced a Vegan dining. Our Executive Chef, Brian Meehan, has won our restaurant its first AA Rosette Award, and he’s the creative mastermind behind this project. His talent shows that it is possible to create unbelievably visually appealing and delicious food, which is also harmless for the planet we live on.

But The Morgan Hotel’s green efforts don’t just stick to food – ever since our refurb and reopening in July 2018, we’ve implemented equipment like daylight dimming controls, LED Lighting and motion activated lighting, ensuring lights automatically turn off when that area of the hotel is not in use.

Water is also a major concern: our guests are encouraged to consider if towels need to be replaced and washed on a daily basis. Our staff in both, the room servicing, and food and beverage areas of the hotel are trained in the conservation of water, such as only using dishwashers and washing machines when there are full loads.

Over 50% of our overall waste is recycled and we only used chemical-free cleaning products. Other smaller scale measurements that have been taken includes replacing plastic straws with paper straws and introducing compostable coffee cups.

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