Environmentally Conscious Hotel in Dublin

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Environmentally Conscious Hotel in Dublin

While the Morgan Hotel is focused on providing a high standard of service and comfort, we are equally proud to regularly take part in initiatives in order to do our part in preserving the environment. While there are always improvements to be made and new methods of conservation for us to explore, here are some of the activities we are doing to be green.

  Energy Conservation

We have focused our efforts on being more conscientious of the overall energy usage throughout the hotel, with regular practices such as daylight dimming controls and LED Lighting. Several areas of the hotel are fitted with motion activated lighting, ensuring lights automatically turn off when that area of the hotel is not in use.

  Water Conservation

A key part of limiting the use of water starts with encouraging guests to consider if towels need to be replaced and washed on a daily basis. Our staff in both the room servicing and food and beverage areas of the hotel are also trained in the conservation of water, such as only using dishwashers and washing machines when they are full.

  Routine Measuring and Recording

All of our equipment has measures, and we ensure leaks are fixed immediately to avoid unnecessary use of water throughout the hotel.

  Recycling and Waste Management

We are proud to recycle over 50% of our overall waste and use only chemical-free cleaning products.

We have already taken major steps towards being green and we are actively engaging with organisations who can help us develop even more environmentally conscious ways of doing things and hope to keep improving our practices as we go on.

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