The Morgan's guide to understanding the dubs

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The Morgan's guide to understanding the dubs

At the Morgan Hotel we welcome guests from countries all over the world daily and yet, one of the most unique styles of speech that we’ve come across to date can be found right here in our home city of Dublin.

Don’t get us wrong, we love the many quirky phrases that have become standard expressions of speech for the Dubs. But none the less, we know that the unique tongue may be just a little confusing for some of our international visitors. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide so that you really understand Dublin life like a local during your stay.

1. “It was bucketing down”

This phrase is normally used to describe very heavy rainfall. (Quite a common occurrence here in Dublin). Other similar phrases included “ah it was lashing”, or “it’s down for the day” which means the rain is unlikely to stop at any time soon.

2. “You look massive”

Probably quite a handy one to understand. No, the person is not telling you look big or huge! Quite the opposite actually! The word ‘massive’ to the Dubs means gorgeous, fabulous, amazing. So, if you’re are told that ‘you look massive’ – take it as a compliment!

3. “It’s a grand day for drying”

Again, a reference to the weather. (A common topic among the Irish). This refers to a dry or warm day that will be suited to hanging the washed clothes out to dry!

4. “That’s deadly”

This is sure to be heard very often throughout stay in Dublin. It can be used to describe anything that one finds good or is happy about. Example: How was last night? – “deadly”, Was the movie good? – “deadly”, It’s Friday? – “deadly”

5. “I’d murder a curry”

Without a doubt, one that may sound strange at first, no the individual does not want to kill a chicken curry but rather, the phrase is used when someone would really really like to eat a takeaway curry.

6. “She’s gas”

Another very well used phrase here in Dublin. This is used to describe when someone or something is funny or enjoyable. Example “ah your man is gas”, how was the party? – “ah, it was gas”.

7. “Sure look”

Have you ever been unsure as to how to answer a question? Fear not, in Dublin this phrase can be used for almost anything. No really, anything. Example - Why did you do that? “ah, sure look”. It’s also a handy sentence filler – “The rain never stopped but sure look, we made the most of it” or even to express satisfaction – “Sure look, it was a great night”.

8. “I am scarlet”

Used to describe when someone feels embarrassed. Can also be used to describe if one is embarrassed on behalf on somebody else. Example - “I was scarlet for her”.

9. “Fair play”

A frequently used phrase used to express satisfaction with somebody else. A simple Irish way of saying “well done” or “congratulations”.

10. “Give us a pint of the black stuff”

A truly Irish way of ordering a truly Irish drink – a pint of Guinness of course. Head into any Irish pub and order a pint of the black stuff and you’re sure to be served a cold creamy pint of Guinness. Sound good?

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